Тюмень, ул. 50 Лет Октября, 30
Тюмень, ул. Высоцкого, 30

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Сергей Николаевич

Пишу отзыв на «Тюменский мастер». Спасибо этим мастерам. Все сделали качественно и быстро. Ставлю четыре с плюсом, так как всегда нужно оставлять что-то для роста.



К выбору окон подошел серьезно. Походил по сайтам, почитал отзывы, приценился. Решил остановиться на Тюменском мастере. Не жалею. Спасибо!


Carmen Guerrera

We were able to find multiple options for the work that we wanted to have at our publishing house’s office. It took very little time and effort for us to get the project done. Everything looks and works great! Although mainly commercial, they also offer a full service to all domestic uPVC and aluminium doors and windows. I appreciate the…


James Morrison

Wonderful team of experts who know what they do and do it with quality products! i appreciate the fast and effective service, and will definitely recommend it to anyone who’s in need of doors and windows repair, construction etc.


Andrew Jones

We came to you for large installation work that included all the associated building work. Your installation and maintenance service are all undertaken in compliance with the latest legislation and building code requirements, and we sure appreciate that! The office now looks great and feels warm and comfy, and is a pleasure to work at. Keep up the great job,…


Victor Stevenson

I needed to make sure that the studio that I work at has functional doors and windows, and there won’t be any malfunctions when we try to access the building. With the help of your company, I feel safe about my works and equipment!


Paulina Mendez

What a lovely team to work with! I liked how fast the services were provided and how efficient the experts were. Now my home feels warm and comfortable, just the way it should! The company undertakes preventative maintenance work and repairs, ranging from minor operating problems through to major repairs. Thank you so much, guys!


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Адрес: г.Тюмень, ул.50 Лет Октября,30; ул.Высоцкого,30
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